For construction companies, being able to access data is key. As such technology providers are developing new solutions to help do just that. In particular, new virtual construction management software automates processes to reduce project risk and ease BIM (building information modeling) adoption.

Recently, Trimble,, Sunnyvale, Calif., released a Document Controller Standard, which is a powerful and easy-to-use virtual construction management application that automates change detection between design iterations in both 2D design drawing sets and in 3D models created using modeling software. The new application enables project stakeholders to quickly understand design changes to better anticipate and mitigate issues that might increase cost or risk.

With both document management and constructability analysis capabilities, Document Controller Standard provides advantages previously delivered only through Trimble’s Vico Office Suite for 5D BIM. While Vico Office extends the basic 3D model with analysis of constructability materials, labor, scheduling, and costs, Document Controller Standard is a standalone 2D/3D application designed for construction firms that simply need a better way to manage drawings and models.

It’s a big trend: The industry is increasingly adopting BIM as a standard process, and designers, builders, and owners are all challenged by the reality of both 2D and 3D capabilities for construction projects.

For most construction companies, the scope of a contract is illustrated in 2D drawings; however, 3D models deliver coordination and quantification efforts during the construction process. Document Controller Standard closes the gap between 2D drawings that are contractually binding and dynamic 3D models that must evolve and ease into BIM workflows in a way that can ensure long-term success.

The benefits of Document Controller Standard include: 2D/3D change management, issue tracking, integrated reporting capabilities, and 2D/3D hybrid mode.