Today construction business intelligence and project portfolio management software handle large volumes of project-related Big Data that reside in numerous data sources. And many companies find it difficult to get realtime, validated data without wading through numerous systems, spreadsheets, meetings, emails, and reports. The solution? Technology that compresses to 3D.

Knowledge Cubes by Métier,, Healdsburg, Calif., condenses large volumes of information into three dimensional cubes with custom parameters for the information that a busy executive wants to see.

These cubes can show strategy, cost, risk, resource, time, and other parameters in realtime. Métier’s Knowledge Cubes elevate workspaces beyond static business intelligence reports to a rotating three dimensional customized cube that is generated on the fly.

With a patent for three dimensional visualizations of project data for 10 years, Métier has been ready to launch this innovation. The company has been working on this visualization for quite some time in the lab, according to Douglas Clark, CEO, Métier.

The plan was to build on its patent in this area to construct a completely unique method of visualizing project-related Big Data. The key to Knowledge Cubes is simple, according to the company: It aims to visualize the status of portfolios using this technology.

Métier’s platform is a combination of project portfolio management software, Big Data analytics, and business intelligence to ensure organizations are getting their ideas to market quickly and making improvements that affect the bottomline.

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