A look at this company’s acquisitions shows it has a diverse portfolio of solutions, with a breadth of operating companies dedicating resources to serving clients globally. JDM Technology Group initially acquired RedSky IT in 2007, followed by CSSP in 2011, and Computer Guidance Corp., in 2014, with the focus on expanding operations in North America.

Early this year the company also acquired Integrity Software Systems, making it the fifth operating company for JDM Technology Group. Other operating companies include: Computer Guidance, CSSP, Explorer Software, and RedSkyIT.

With the acquisition of Integrity Software Systems, JDM Technology Group adds more than 900 customers, increasing its global position.

JDM Technology Group is just one organization that is building its portfolio of products through both organic growth and acquisitions. A number of construction ERP (enterprise-resource planning) software providers have made big moves recently in order to grow business.