OxBlue has a team of seasoned experts delivering technology to the industry. Founded in 2001, the company has stayed the course, maintaining an exclusive focus on the needs of the construction industry by providing a solution—connection, hardware, software, and service—that enables construction companies to leverage technology at the jobsite.

With a long lineup of clients in the construction space, OxBlue provides widely used technology to help improve collaboration and project management at the construction jobsite. The company offers technology and services for a number of segments of the construction industry including large mixed-use developments, schools, hospitals, inline retail stores, and more. Its customers tout the benefits of being able to have direct visibility into jobsite progress with a scalable platform that can be embraced by both external and internal team members.

Here is what you need to know: The company provides a lineup of construction time-lapse cameras and software that enables workers to see the jobsite, with photos and features to track progress. Workers are able to compare schedules and construction details between current and past projects and overlay images to virtually peel the façade off of a building and location fine details.

Additionally, the company continues to update its systems with the needs of the industry in mind. For instance, OxBlue has released a new next-generation software interface, mobile interface, and iPhone and iPad app. The company has also expanded its international cellular networks and coverage and released higher resolution of its camera systems.