As a provider of visual construction documentation including photo, video, and Webcam services for both residential and large commercial construction projects, Multivista is looking to expand its reach.

Today Multivista operates in more than 60 major metropolitan areas across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Earlier this year, the company even opened a new location in Canada’s capital region, which is positioned to benefit from the densely populated and heavily industrialized region.

Last year, Multivista has reached what can be considered milestone—achieving a billion in sq.ft. of projects. This milestone helps to solidfy Multivista as a global leader in providing visual construction documentation services. During the last four years in particular, Multivista has realized consistent growth in North America, which is an impressive feat in a down economy.

Look for this technology provider to continue to grow its business in the years ahead, with a focus on global growth and expansion.