Going green can often become a costly and cumbersome process. But that shouldn’t be a discouragement from going this route on projects today.

Take LEED-certified projects, for example. The internationally recognized green building certification system from the U.S. Green Building Council, www.usgbc.org, Washington, D.C., has many intricate details that need to be carefully tracked and managed by the project team.

Today construction professionals can often find assistance in meeting the requirements of LEED-certified projects through the use of technology. In some cases, a combination of various software tools can provide even greater benefit. Take one recent partnership, for example.

On one hand you have the Web-based GreenWizard, www.greenwizard.com, Charleston, S.C., which aids builders and contractors in making building material selections and then calculating product-related credits for projects seeking LEED certification. Then you have Greengrade, Web-based LEED management software owned by Submittal Exchange, www.submittalexchange.com, Des Moines, Iowa. The product helps project teams communicate, track, and manage LEED project information.

The two companies just announced a strategic agreement to create what the companies hope will be a “comprehensive LEED-management platform.” The overall goal will be to help construction companies maximize LEED credits and create a more efficient path to LEED certification.

Adam Bernholz, CEO, GreenWizard, says Greengrade users can access his company’s WORKflow Enterprise solution at no cost.

The two companies have synergies in the fact Greengrade offers collaborative LEED-management software and GreenWizard helps with material selection and calculations. Combined, it creates a collaborative effort around helping users manage and track everything associated with LEED projects.