Managing the construction of multiple projects within a large university can be challenging, as the project owner needs to carefully plan and report on all the details related to the various projects. This is where capital program and project-management software comes into play.

Like many construction project owners, New Jersey City University,, Jersey City, N.J., faces the challenge of managing multiple major projects, while also undertaking several renovation assignments. Case in point: The university recently announced three construction projects including a 103,000-sq.ft. West Campus Academic building, expansion and renovation of the current science building, and a 415 bed residence hall.

With various jobs to manage, it needs a way to sort through all the construction data. As such, the project owner recently decided to implement construction project-management software to improve the processes of cost tracking, as well as store and manage all construction-related data in one location.

In order to do this, the university began using Projectmates from Systemates,, Dallas, Texas. With the technology, project managers can input data from anywhere using the Web-based multi-platform solution. A reporting feature even provides a snapshot of individual projects as well as the construction program.

Additionally, using the technology, executive management can access project information, engaging team members and partners in a way that encourages collaboration and planning for the future.

New Jersey City University is just one example of an educational institution that has moved business processes to software to improve efficiency. As another example, at the end of last year, Dartmouth College,, Hanover, N.H., also began using cloud-based software to manage its capital construction program. In particular, this university was looking to provide consistent project reporting to stakeholders.

Using e-Builder Enterprise from e-Builder,, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., the school was able to move away from spreadsheets to software, giving the team access to necessary project data and allowing the finance team to become more hands-on at specific points in a project.

In order to enable detailed reporting on construction projects, program and facilities managers across the universities are more often acquiring technology to help get the job done as efficiently as possible.