What if project managers could look in on a construction project or build at any time of the day or night? How would this affect the project as a whole? Think schedule, budget, quality, and plain-old peace of mind. Perhaps the most important concession when considering the benefits of remote jobsite-monitoring technology, however, is jobsite security.

When assets go unmonitored, they are often unsafe. In construction, assets such as building materials and equipment are left outdoors and unattended during off hours and off days. Theft creates added expense that can add to a project’s cost and timeline. Plus, when unexpected events occur, there is no eye-witness account or record.

However, technology can—and is—making a difference for many construction companies that have invested in remote jobsite-monitoring solutions. A newly released example of this type of solution is a construction Webcam system from TrueLook, www.truelook.com, Winston-Salem, N.C.

TrueLook recently added what it calls “edge recording” capabilities to its construction cameras, which can provide project managers access to full-motion HD video recording of a jobsite. The system is cloud based, meaning users have total control over the cameras, including pan, tilt, and zoom functionalities.

TrueLook says edge recording adds to its existing service, allowing all-in-one remote monitoring, archiving, panoramas, time-lapse photography, and integration with social media. Most importantly, the technology solution captures live videos and images of critical events as they occur on a jobsite. The footage can be used to decrease liability, storing data for up to one week.

This type of solution can also help deter thieves who happen upon an unattended jobsite. TrueLook’s Webcams can be set to record based on motion or time of day, holding data for up to a month. Project managers can even arrange for an email to be sent when an event occurs.

There are other solutions that offer similar capabilities. For instance, EarthCam, www.earthcam.net, Hackensack, N.J., offers a panoramic camera called the 700 MegapixelCam Robotic, which can document large-scale construction projects with ease.

Another company, OxBlue, www.oxblue.com, Atlanta, Ga., gives project owners and operators the option to share live jobsite footage with the public, thanks to its connected-monitoring solutions in the form of high-resolution Webcams for the construction industry.

With plenty of options to protect the jobsite, and plenty of reasons to do so, construction companies are reaping the benefits remote jobsite-monitoring technology can offer.