Jan/Feb 2015

What are the top technologies that are on the cutting-edge and will become standard tools on AEC projects in the years to come? This is the question we have set out to answer in this issue.

Each year, Gartner predicts the top 10 strategic technology trends for the year ahead—and this year is no different. For 2015, the analyst firm says the top 10 trends will be computing everywhere, IoT (Internet of Things), 3D printing, analytics, context-rich systems, smart machines, cloud/client computing, software-defined applications and infrastructure, Web-scale IT, and risk-based security and self-protection. Or this can be summed up into three complete themes: the merging of the real and virtual worlds, the advent of intelligence everywhere, and even the technology impact of the digital business shift.

Still, for many construction firms, wrapping their arms around these technology trends can be challenging. Where should you start your focus: 3D printing, IoT, apps, drones, mobile devices, cloud-based software? The options for contractors today are far-reaching, but getting started can be taxing, to say the least. Our hope is this issue will help you create strategies for 2015.

The issue is packed full of content that will not only answer the question, what are the top technologies that are on the cutting-edge today and will become standard tools on construction projects in the years to come, but will also guide you to the right technology in the year ahead.

I encourage you to read this issue’s cover story, which focuses on what is to come in construction in the year ahead. In addition to this cover story, we also have the annual Connected Truck of the Year feature which really talks about the need for business on wheels, as well as a feature on how the millennial generation is adopting new technology and the impact it will ultimately have on your construction business.

In this issue, you will also be able to read a new column from Cliff Moser of Kaiser Permanente. He did a really great job of relaying the thoughts of an owner organization and what is needed to move technology forward on construction projects. I am personally excited to read more from him in the year to come.

With that, I invite you to turn the page and learn more about the top technologies that will soon become standard tools on construction projects.

Laura Black

Construction Poised for Growth
These are heady times in construction. When the recession hit construction again at the end of 2009, it was as if everyone was just saying here we go again. Many contractors closed up shop while others hunkered down for the long winter not knowing just how long the recession was going to last.

Unfortunately many of your industry counterparts were not prepared to handle yet another uncertain economic downturn. Now it’s 2015 and everyone is saying it’s time to regroup and rebuild. But this time collectively as an industry we are hoping to avoid the errors of the past. Many contractors I have spoken to say they invested in software technology. They are looking to stay profitable in good times and in bad. They are looking to best practices and technology to stay lean and mean. So if you haven’t taken the time to do so already, there is no better time than the present to reinvest in best practices and technology.

The construction industry needs to shore up its business processes, better manage the bottomline, and ultimately prepare for the inevitable uptick in the market. You will certainly help solidify your future by taking the necessary precautions. Let’s start this New Year off with a fresh start moving in the right direction.

Happy New Year! Happy Reading!

Peggy Smedley
Editorial Director

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