March/April 2015

We have been talking about BIM (building information modeling), mobile apps, drones, augmented reality, and other next-gen tech for years, but still the industry is grappling with what comes next.

In the past few years I have noticed a convergence of events happening. First, there have been a number of acquisitions in the traditional construction ERP (enterprise-resource planning) space. At the same time, big technology trends such as cloud and mobile technology have emerged, offering construction companies a new way to access information in the field. All this has left construction companies stuck in the middle, wondering how to best implement software.

And now contractors have yet another hurdle to juggle—security. True, securing data has always been a top priority, but with increasing threats as of late and the move to mobile devices, creating a strategy for security is more challenging than ever.

What construction companies ultimately need is to develop a clear roadmap for how technology will be used within their company going forward, addressing trends such as mobile and cloud. The challenge is looking far enough out at what the future holds for technology. This is where Constructech comes into play.

While we address these big trends in every article we write, this issue in particular takes a closer look at the 2015 Constructech Top Products for the commercial space.

This awards program is significant, in my mind, because it initially came at the request of our readers, and each year the Constructech editors come together to vet the top solutions in the market. Looking at movements such as mobile, BIM, and more, we carefully ensure that the products named each year have both a strong core platform, as well as address the changing nature of technology. I encourage you to turn to page 14 to see what products are the cream of the crop this year.

After doing that I highly suggest you also look at your current IT strategies and determine how next-gen technologies are going to play a role in your construction business going forward.

It certainly is a challenging time to work in IT, but our hope is Constructech provides you with the insight to better understand where the market is headed.

Laura Black

Taking Care of Business
The editors at Constructech have been very focused on helping you improve your profitability through the use of construction technology from the day we launched this title. Whether that means going paperless at the jobsite, adopting cutting-edge software and apps, or just paying close attention to all the emerging trends that will help your business prosper. Our main objective has, and is, focused on helping you adapt quickly to the latest technology solutions that will keep you competitive regardless of market twists and turns.

Ultimately, the solutions that appear on the pages of this magazine have the same focus and passion. This includes keeping all of your company’s most valuable information secure from unwanted outside threats, giving you more time to focus on unexpected internal threats and growing the bottomline. While there is clearly a growing concern with corporate America that our critical information needs to be as secure as possible, the companies that are taking home the Top Products honors on the pages inside this issue are here to aid the construction industry in as many ways as possible. So take the time to check out these amazing solutions, because times are a changing and so are the players. Happy reading!

Peggy Smedley
Editorial Director

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