As we enter the next generation of construction technology, we also enter a new era of how information is being delivered. This evolution results in two big announcements from Constructech today—the 2015 Constructech 50 and new premium content for readers.

Let me start with the former. How technology is used in construction is changing. Many of the traditional players in the market have been acquired or reinvented in order to meet the needs of the industry. This is why the 2015 Constructech 50 list has seen quite a revitalization since it was initially launched in 2009.

Some of the factors that have caused a big shakeup in the list include a resurgence of acquisitions among technology providers, the move toward cloud and mobile technology, and the need to keep up with the current demands of the construction industry, among others. This comes at an interesting time too, as the U.S. Census Bureau shows growth in construction spending and analyst firms predict greater use of connected devices in business.

Still, the Constructech 50 list goes beyond all the hype and the buzz to identify the companies that have a strong foothold today and a plan for innovation in the future. In order to do this, we seek company financials, conduct interviews with construction companies, and consult with the editorial advisory board to determine the leaders in the space.

These companies have solid financials, a good product, concrete strategy for the coming years, and a good go-to market plan, among other factors. This year’s list brings 13 new players into the mix. These companies have strong management teams, with a big vision for the future of construction technology, in addition to offering quality products for the market.

That is what differentiates the Constructech 50 from others—the list looks beyond the product and marketing hype to the core of the company to recognize the 50 organizations that are leading the pack and bringing a unique perspective to the construction industry.

With this in mind, I invite you to read about this year’s Constructech 50. These are the companies you will want to partner with.

However, there is so much more we want to provide to our readers that we couldn’t fit into the pages of the print magazine, which is why we are also unveiling the Constructech Subscriber-only Member Hub. With a nominal subscription to the Website, you can receive access to in-depth analysis, unique lists specifically targeted for technology in construction, access to commentary and breaking news, and so much more.

With the launch, we have detailed information about the companies on the Constructech 50, including company revenue, competitors, acquisitions, partnerships, and in-depth company analysis from the Constructech editors. These details will help you make buying decisions for years to come.

It is certainly an exciting time here at Constructech. I encourage you to join our new member hub, and continue to stay abreast of everything we have to offer. Enjoy!

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