Today’s construction mantra could go something like this: Fix the building you already have in place, as opposed to build something new from scratch. The nature of the market is requiring many owners to ‘build smarter’—which in many cases means focusing on smaller remodeling and renovating projects, as opposed to larger capital programs.

This shift in the market means owners are now using technology in new ways. Managing smaller remodeling, renovation, and rebranding projects requires a different toolset than a large capital project. How are you managing these smaller projects? Is it requiring separate spreadsheets or a significant amount of data entry?

From its user conference this week, Meridian Systems, a Trimble Co.,, Folsom, Calif., announced a new layer in Proliance 5.0, which will give owners more flexibility in how they structure or group capital projects and programs. In particular, this new layer will help when applied to portfolios containing many similar, smaller projects that need to be delivered in a fast-paced rollout.

The new layer shares program and project information—such as budgets and contracts—while maintaining project-level security. The new release of Proliance also has a new workflow engine with visual and graphic representation of the history of the workflow as well as under-the-hood improvements to administration and visibility.

Rick Gehringer, head of the Capital Owners Business Unit, Meridian Systems, says the new updates to the product are receiving good feedback from the users at the conference. He also says the industry can expect synergies from the various divisions within Trimble in the year ahead, giving Trimble a unique position in the market.

For example, when it comes to BIM (building information modeling), Trimble can serve as the point at which information can be gathered within the building; Meridian’s technology can manage the information; and Tekla can manage the modeling part of the equation. It will certainly be interesting to watch in the year ahead as the divisions within Trimble begin working together more to create a complete solution for construction.