Nov/Dec 2014

One of my favorite days of the year is the Constructech Vision Awards dinner because it is an opportunity to honor you—our readers—with an award that signifies excellence in technology adoption.

These examples of how owners, homebuilders, general contractors, and specialty contractors are implementing technology in innovative ways can serve as inspiration for others in the space and help peer into the future of what is to come in construction. This is why each year, in addition to honoring these companies at a dinner, we also feature some of the case studies in the magazine as well.

I encourage you to turn to page 18 to learn more about how this year’s winners are implementing technology in unique ways. It just might help you examine what is to come in construction technology in the year ahead. Also, look to future issues of Constructech magazine where we will continue to highlight how these companies and others are using technology in innovative ways in the construction industry.

In addition to this dinner, on the same day, October 3, we also hosted our annual Technology Day conference, which presented an opportunity for the industry to come together to network and learn from one another about the future of construction technology. This year we had a lineup of speakers and panelists that focused on topics such as BIM (building information modeling), apps, drones, and investing in technology. We even had a special session moderated by Nancy Novak, Balfour Beatty Construction, identifying how the role of women in construction has changed.

Certainly, these are all topics we will cover in the year ahead, as we continue to look at the top technologies that are on the cutting-edge today and will become standard tools on design and construction projects in the years to come.

For those of you who were able to attend the conference and dinner this year, I hope you enjoyed the day. You may have noticed I was unable to attend this year, as I am expecting and was not able to fly across the country for the event. I will admit it was very difficult for me to miss the event I had worked so closely with Peggy on planning this past year and the opportunity to converse with you in person, but I am eager to continue our discussion on the pages of Constructech in the year ahead—and we do have a very exciting year planned in 2015. Stay tuned.

Laura Black

Tech Keeps Getting Better
You can’t help but love the construction industry. I have been saying it for more than 15 years, but the resiliency of this industry never ceases to amaze me. But more than that, it is really becoming a lot more innovative in the way contractors are going about adopting and embracing technology these days.

Just look at the way UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), otherwise known as drones, are changing and improving jobsite communication. There is no question they are already playing a greater role in the building process and this goes way beyond providing pretty cool aerial shots of construction sites. The use of cameras, sensing, and other navigation technologies are making this all possible. This is just one of the many advances we have been witnessing as cutting-edge technology becomes standard tools on designing, planning, and building construction projects in the very near future.

In this issue alone you will read about some companies that use new technology and sophisticated systems to deliver complex building projects rooted in taking advantage of tablets, smartphones, and so much more. I would like to once again congratulate all the Vision Award winners. For those who wish to learn from this year’s award winners you will see they have discovered ways to build impressive projects in shorter times, using energy-efficiency systems and even eco-friendly building materials along with cutting-edge solutions. Here’s your chance to learn from others who have taken the technology leap forward. Happy Reading!

Peggy Smedley
Editorial Director

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