What is that saying about a picture being worth a thousand words? In construction, a picture might be worth thousands of dollars–as in saving thousands–if not tens of thousands of dollars on project costs. Technology is helping contractors get visual confirmation of jobsite conditions, and the solutions keep coming.

Pictometry Intl. Corp., www.pictometry.com, Rochester, N.Y., for example, provides high-resolution aerial oblique imagery. This past week the company announced a product that would make these images available from an iPad. Pictometry Connect Mobile will provide visualization capabilities of high resolution imagery and allow users to easily interact with images in a simple navigate, pan, and zoom interface.

The technology also gives users multiple search options, including by address, by latitude and longitude coordinates, by specific points of interest, and by airports.

After downloading the free iPad app and entering their Pictometry Connect credentials, users are able to search, overlay U.S. parcels and U.S. streets onto imagery, and tap to identify parcel data. Additionally, users can then export and email images and be presented with imagery of their current location.

Once inside the application, users are able to pivot on the oblique images, displaying all five captured angles of the structure. According to the company, depending upon their Pictometry Connect account users may have access to more than 200 million aerial images, which covers more than 87% of the U.S. population. Being able to zoom out from one parcel to assess an entire area or neighborhood could certainly come in handy when surveying an area.

It is just the latest example for how digital imagery combined with connected devices can positively influence a construction project. Will we see more such products hit the market? You can almost picture it.