Sometimes the mark of well-executed technology adoption is when customers don’t notice the transition. In construction, software solutions exist to make numerous backoffice processes paperless, automated, or simply more transparent. Technology in the field helps keep disparate team members up to speed, so jobs can be completed when they’re meant to be completed.

One general contractor, Overaa Construction,, Richmond, Calif., is undergoing a technology overhaul, adopting solutions to help streamline business processes, including consolidating accounting, project management, human resources, and operations into a new ERP (enterprise resource planning) package.

As far as Ellen Hoffman, CFO, Overaa, was concerned success meant that from the customers’ perspective everything appeared to be business as usual. In order to accomplish this, Overaa turned to Textura,, Deerfield, Ill, which provides a CPM (construction payment management) application.

The solution, Textura—CPM, integrates all construction payment-management process components into one seamless workflow, helping to reduce or eliminate inefficiencies in billing, lien waiver collection, statutory declaration collection, sub-tier waivers, compliance management, and payments.

The technology not only replaces paper invoices and lien waivers with electronic documents, it improves workflow efficiency. Textura says what used to take days—filling out forms, obtaining signatures, transporting documents, cutting paper checks, etc.—now only takes minutes.

Hoffman says even though the technology rollout and implementation was time intensive, Textura provided continuity around the construction payment process for owners, subcontractors, project managers, and accountants during the rollout. And even though the GC was making changes across its entire organization, Textura—CPM allowed the company to maintain “business as usual” with customers.

As part of an ongoing best-practices initiative, Overaa has implemented CPM on all construction projects throughout Northern California. So far the company has seen measureable benefits as a result of the rollout.

Customers are concerned about work quality, costs and efficiencies, and job completion on time and on budget. Technology can be the secret weapon, but it’s important to find a solution that can be as seamless as possible to implement.