Jan/Feb 2015

Weighing in on what’s ahead for construction in 2015.

At the intersection of construction and technology, the word “fad” need not apply. In an industry that, on the whole, warms slowly to change—sometimes for better and sometimes for worse—by the time a technology infiltrates the market, it’s most likely not going to be short lived like a fad, nor is it likely to cause any sort of crazed behavior among construction professionals. This is unlike some other areas of the tech world in which an innovative idea can take hold overnight, creating a frenzy of speculation, an explosion of new and sometimes ill-fated devices and startups, and a whole group of skeptics content to be left in the dust scratching their heads.

Trends, on the other hand, which define a general direction, are aplenty in construction, such as the overall movement toward data and connectivity. Within this macro trend are many micro trends involving technology solutions that penetrate further into the heart of construction with each passing year.

As the construction space stands on the precipice of a new year, everybody’s wondering what’s ahead. Which cutting-edge technologies will become standard tools on design and construction projects? What hurdles will construction professionals face in terms of gathering, using, and securing data?

There are no real answers to these questions, but there’s value in the very act of discussion. For an industry that often operates on the principle of wait-and-see, at least when it comes to adopting new technologies, carrying on a dialogue about tech trends can encourage progress that is responsible, levelheaded, but forward nonetheless.

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