Aconex Smart Manuals
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San Bruno, Calif.

Tech-Driven Turnover
With all the data being generated on a project, being able to share that information with the owner at turnover is key. Aconex has developed a product that organizes, packages, and delivers all the necessary project documentation required for the owner to operate and maintain the built asset. With Aconex Smart Manuals, owners, developers, contractors, and project managers can compile the O&M (operations and maintenance) documentation online and deliver it in the form of digital manuals. Taking it one step further, with Smart Manuals Dynamic, owners and facility-management teams can store and update the manuals on a SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform. The technology includes Web search and graphical navigation capabilities, and the information is captured in a permanent audit trail. The Constructech editors like that Aconex has continued its focus on the project team by extending the data to the owner. With this, the data can move on from the project and evolve throughout the lifecycle of the facility.