One big piece of news for this company in the past year is its IPO (initial public offer) and listing on the Australian Securities Exchange with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission last November.

The listing has helped the company grow and gives it access to capital markets and greater flexibility to pursue new opportunities. Since the time of that announcement, Aconex has reported revenue of $38.1 million, up 19% year-over-year and above forecast.

The implications for the construction industry could be vast, especially taking into account the current market conditions. For one, more attention from the public and investors could be directed to how technology is being used in construction, driving demand for software and related services.

Additionally, this announcement could potentially generate more activity and software development from other existing or even new vendors in the space, drawing out more functionality and features for construction companies. Time will tell. Stay tuned. The construction industry can expect big things from Aconex in the years ahead.