In the past few years a number of technology providers have acquired other technology providers in order to extend the product offerings and create integrated solutions, however now technology providers are also eyeing construction companies—for the homegrown technology built in house.

Last week, Ascendum Solutions,, Cincinnati, Ohio, a global IT (information technology) provider, announced that it completed the acquisition of technology and business assets of FMS, a subsidiary of international construction services company Turner Construction Co.,, New York, N.Y.

The acquisition specifically includes two major products: construction management and facility management software both built on Microsoft’s SharePoint platform. These domain-specific products extend Ascendum’s portfolio of SharePoint solutions geared towards clients to improve performance, reduce cost, and drive more value/ROI (return on investment) from SharePoint investments.

Rich Kurz, general manager, Ascendum Solutions, says the acquired products are built from significant investment over years, and are ‘best in class’ for both the management of construction projects as well as providing a living and breathing operations and maintenance solution that’s easily integrated with other complimentary products.

The company plans to leverage this technology to assist construction and facilities management organizations improve project delivery, ensure compliance, and better control costs in both construction and facilities management.

Ascendum also plans to “cloudify” the products using its CenterGrid private cloud infrastructure and offer these solutions as secure, privately hosted cloud solutions to construction and facility management companies worldwide.

Ascendum offers clients a range of consulting services, including strategy, application development, infrastructure management services, content collaboration, and quality assurance testing.

While this example shows a technology company acquiring part of a construction business, the reverse has happened as well. Roughly a year ago, Kiewit Corp.,, Omaha, Neb., a commercial building firm focusing on commercial, education, government, healthcare, transit, and other types of construction projects, announced the acquisition of et alia,, a SAP channel partner dedicated to developing, selling, and implementing technology.

At the time, the company formed a wholly owned subsidiary called KTI (Kiewit Technology Inc.), which includes other subsidiaries such as Hard Dollar Corp.,, and Aeka Consulting,

It is interesting to see how the world of acquisitions continues to evolve in the construction industry. Stay tuned. The market is bound to see more acquisitions in the future, which will impact how construction uses technology.

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