The real world is not always compatible with what you learn in a classroom, and there is often a knowledge gap between graduates and long-time construction employees when working in the field. Assemble Systems,, a leading provider of model, data, and management solutions for construction, is transforming the way this education system operates.

Assemble Systems has designed an academic program to transform how BIM (building information modeling) is taught to students. The company offers free software licenses to students who qualify and to instructors who want to make the difference.

The program allows AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) students to manage model data from BIM authoring software, making them capable of analyzing, accessing, and sharing model-based information. Using professional development resources enables instructors to develop a more engaging curriculum. With this, students will be better equipped for future careers in AEC industries.

Users are able to manipulate model-based data to improve design review, estimating, and AEC workflows. The program’s technology provides users the ability to view Revit models in a Web-browser, create a data inventory of design, access project information from any location, and sync data to leverage BIM software investments. AEC workers can improve project controls, margins, and outcomes that save time and win over more jobs because the academic program allows users to share BIM data with a multitude of individuals.

Assemble Systems’ software uses robust cloud-based BIM and promotes use of newer technology in education programs. Knowledge of this software gives students the ability to think outside the box and better differentiate themselves. Students can stand apart in the industry with advanced BIM knowledge and they will have the resume to show for it.

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