For the construction industry, being able to keep an eye on equipment and assets enables the project to continue smoothly, as location and status of equipment can help increase productivity. While there are a number of solutions designed to do just this, new ones continue to come to market with enhanced functionality.

As an example, available in more than 100 countries, Telogis,, Aliso Viejo, Calif., the platform for business-based intelligence, is introducing Telogis for Heavy Equipment. This extension is cloud-based, enabling users to monitor the location and status of equipment while providing data to users to aid in informed-decision making. Telogis’ newest product uses geofences in which alerts may be sent to the user in case a piece of equipment leaves a location, reducing the risk of theft and abuse.

Telogis for Heavy Equipment saves time and increases productivity by providing total visibility of all assets and all locations on the same screen. Users can view how equipment is being used and how it is being handled and moved. Maintenance issues can be red-flagged, and the platform is able to connect with intelligent equipment for evaluation, including fleets such as Caterpillar,, Peoria, Ill., John Deere,, Moline, Ill., and Volvo,, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Not only are these options available during regular work hours, they are available during overtime and off-hour periods—assuring the user can access equipment information at all times.

While this is just one example, the technology to monitor heavy equipment more effectively is becoming more common in the construction industry. As companies such as this continue to release new solutions for heavy equipment, contractors will be able to improve projects by keeping an eye on the location and status of equipment and other assets.