Genscape,, Louisville, Ky., a provider of realtime data and intelligence for commodity and energy markets, is using its monitoring technologies to track the progress of the NET Mexico pipeline, a significant addition to U.S. export capacity to Mexico. When complete in late 2015, the pipeline is expected to deliver 2.1 Bcf/d of gas to Mexico, primarily to fulfill new power plant demand.

Aerial images taken by Genscape in January show the two inner compressors at the station appear completed, while the two outer units remain under construction. Infrared imagery acquired by Genscape field agents on February 1 show only one of the four compressors running and one of the two fan cooling systems as active.

A NET Mexico November press release says the pipeline will initially operate with 50,000 HP of compression, which will be expanded to 114,000 HP by late 2015. When complete, the NET Mexico pipeline will be fed by two interstate pipelines, seven Texas intrastate pipelines, and four gas processing plants.

In addition to the interstate connections, gas also will be supplied to NET Mexico by seven Texas intra-state storage pipelines: Eagle Ford Midstream (also owned by NET), Enterprise Intrastate Pipeline, Enterprise Texas, Houston Pipe Line, Kinder Morgan Tejas, Conoco Lobo, and Southcross. According to official filings, at least some of the interconnections will be bidirectional, two of which are TGP and NGPL.

The interconnections are spread out around the NET Mexico Compressor station at Agua Dulce, all within around 2.5 miles of the station.

NET Mexico will also be fed by four gas processing plants in 2015: Exxon’s King Ranch plant, DCP’s LaGloria, Gulf Plains plants, and Enterprise’s Delmita plant. Official filings say NET Mexico will begin construction on its LaGloria, Gulf Plains, and Delmita pipeline sections in April 2015.

According to aerial imagery, it is likely the King Ranch interconnection has already been completed, although it is unclear whether or not gas from it has been delivered to NET Mexico at this point.

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