Technology Day Agenda 2020

Constructech Technology Day
Thursday, November 12
Global Needs

12:05 12:15 pm
Opening Introduction

Event cochair
Keith Churchill, corporate manager construction technology, Bechtel 

12:16 – 12:20 pm
Opening: Welcome

Federico Sciammarella, president & CTO, MxD

12:20 – 12:28 pm
Opening: Welcome

Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Constructech, publisher, Specialty Publishing Media 

12:30 – 1:15 pm
Keynote: Fireside Chat: The Importance of Data

Kicking off the Technology Days Conference, Peggy Smedley and Brad Keywell, CEO, Uptake, a lifelong entrepreneur, sits down for a conversation about the importance of machine data, looking at the IoT, AI, IoT, cloud, 5G, machine learning, and other tools that can help you make sense of your assets so they can remain healthier and more productive now and well into the future. They will also address how the most innovative companies will implement these technologies and solutions for humanity to achieve a more reliable, plentiful, and safer destiny. This session will end with an interactive Q&A.

Brad Keywell, CEO, Uptake
Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Constructech, publisher, Specialty Publishing Media

1:17 – 1:55 pm
A Sustainable Reimaging of the Cities of Tomorrow

Disruptive global forces are creating financial, competitive, and regulatory challenges. This session will dive into how to create sustainable economic and societal value—and how to improve the lifecycle management of critical infrastructure and the built environment.

Moderator: Maria Laguarda-Mallo, senior project manager, VIATechnik, Ph.D., Assoc. AIA
Helen Kessler, Sustainable Design Facilitator and LEED Consultant, President, HJKessler Associates

Lauren Piepho, Structural Engineer, HGA Architects and Engineers

1:57 – 2:30 pm
Creating Opportunities in Construction

Every great visionary finds inspiration in the ability to create opportunities by developing something out of a blank canvas. The future is all about reimaging and rebuilding new spaces and leveraging technology to make cities and communities better for its occupants. Taking a closer look at key things like integrated delivery models and how they can completely disrupt and transform the design-bid-build market. In addition, we will tackle what’s in store for the construction market, the worker of the future, and what technologies are having an impact in keeping this company on the cutting edge. This session will end with an interactive Q&A.

Lori Healey, president, Clayco, Chicago business unit

2:34 – 3:16 pm
Building Success: The Growing Role of Women in Construction

A panel of women will take to the stage to talk about the growing role of women in construction. They will answer some of the most pressing questions of the day including: how can we build success among women in the industry today and what do we need to continue to do to help women rise up.

Moderator: Maria Laguarda-Mallo, senior project manager, VIATechnik, Ph.D., Assoc. AIA
Megan Conrad, senior director of virtual construction, Ryan Co.

Chelsea Jungles, project manager, Norcon
Tereza Kostova, project engineer, VIATechnik
Jenny Kuether, associate VP, Epstein

3:18 – 3:34 pm
Cyber-Hygiene in the age of COVID19

In an era of remote work, we need to step up our cyber hygiene standards. The World Economic Forum says the COVID-19 pandemic poses the risk of increased cyberattacks—as hackers are taking this opportunity to target people’s increased dependence on digital tools. This session will look at how to secure your workers—both remote and at the jobsite—and ensure your business can continue to operate at optimal level.

Scott Schober, President/CEO, Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc

3:36 – 4:06 pm
Construction, Manufacturing Merge

Is construction giving new birth to manufacturing in America? This session addresses the question. Much of the manufacturing that used to be the heart and soul of America was outsourced overseas years ago, but now, through prefabrication and modular building, we are seeing the potential for construction to give new birth to manufacturing in America, while completely redefining the way the construction industry operates. This session will end with an interactive Q&A.

Chandra Brown, CEO, MxD

4:08 – 4:43 pm
ROUNDTABLE: A Chance for Change: Transforming the Concrete Industry with IoT

Susan Dalton, Vice President, Smart Technology and IoT and Mark Roberts, VERIFI R&D Director at GCP Applied Technologies lead a team with deep experience in the concrete industry – people who have spent their work week at ready-mix plants for years or decades, so they’ve seen the pain points in the industry. One problem they found was that ready-mix producers had little insight into what happened while concrete was in transit from the plant to the jobsite.

This spurred them to help create a new category in the specialty construction industry that combines sensor technology with predictive analytics to measure and manage concrete in transit. Initially GCP developed the VERIFI in-transit concrete management system to measure and manage concrete in transit. But once the R&D team had all this data collected from the ready-mix trucks, they were able to start seeing trends – and that this data, presented in the right way – could be incredibly valuable to customers.

The industry-transforming solution now arms concrete producers with the ability to identify and resolve major productivity bottlenecks with everything from driver productivity to materials management.

This has been a tremendous game changer for the industry. The round-table participants will include GCP R&D members sharing discoveries from these new systems and a customer discussing how this IoT technology is transforming their business.

Susan Dalton, vice president of smart technologies and IoT, GCP Applied Technologies
Patrick Frawley, director, quality assurance, Central Concrete Supply Co.
Ray Malacrea, Verifi In-Transit concrete management business specialist, GCP Applied Technologies
Mark Roberts, director of Verifi research and development, GCP Applied Technologies

4:43 – 4:50 pm

Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Constructech, publisher, Specialty Publishing Media 

5:15 – 7:00 pm
2020 Women in Construction Celebration

Constructech Technology Day
Friday, November 13
Advancement of Technology

8:30 – 8:45 am
Opening Remarks

8:45 – 9:25 am
Keynote: Inspiring an Industry

How will the IoT (Internet of Things), edge, and cloud, play a critical role in the future as companies and governments try to deploy, develop, manufacture, design, and build. New technologies are coming fast and furious to an industry that is dire need of new methods and processes to heighten efficiencies and create resiliency and sustainability. Will these leading-edge technologies be the solution in a new era of innovation? This presentation uncovers what’s to come next with technology, and perhaps more importantly, will identify what needs to happen today to get there.

Sam George, corporate VP Azure IoT, Microsoft

9:27 – 9:58 am
Preparing Our Future Workforce

We are facing a skills gap in construction that will require us to shift the way we work—including looking for a more diverse group of workers and transferring our skills from our seasoned professionals to those just entering the field. The younger generation is more socially engaged and has brought more racial and ethnic diversity to American society. As they have moved into leadership positions they are seeking to work for companies that have greater empathy and compassion for both people and our world as whole. This session will address how to effectively prepare for the next generation of work.

Nancy Novak, CIO, Compass Datacenters

10:00 – 10:30 am
Technology of Today

From traceability and tracking technology, to augmented reality and virtual reality, and drones, this session will explore the technology that exists today that might not be as widely used on construction project, but offers huge opportunities for businesses. The discussion will identify how to overcome the hurdles to implement the systems on projects today.

Jeff Evans, director, digital transformation of things, center for advanced communications policy, Georgia Institute of Technology

10:30– 10:51 am
No Time Like the Present: Unprecedented Era of Opportunities and Risks for Building Contractors

Technology, cybersecurity, and the pandemic have thrust building technology and contractors to the forefront of the commercial real estate industry. Building owners and managers are scrambling to innovate, manage risks, and deal with an uncertain economy. So-called, “smart building” solutions will play a critical role in managing costs and risks and creating confidence to return and thrive in buildings.

Tom Shircliff, cofounder, Intelligent Buildings

10:53 am – 11:13 am
IoT and the Future of the Connected Elevator

IoT and the connected elevator are changing the game for elevator reliability. And the future of a connected cabin is leading to faster transit for building occupants, energy savings for sustainability and new and engaging experiences in the elevator for passengers. This session discusses the types of change that is happening within the elevator industry and what thyssenkrupp Elevator is doing to see around corners to meet the urbanization and building transportation needs of the future.

Jon Clarine, head of digital services, thyssenkrupp

11:13 – 11:45 am
Reshaping Our Urbanization

With 68% of the global population living in urban areas by 2050, our cities are changing—and construction companies will be tasked with reshaping how our urbanization is built, and how it looks and functions. This conversation will dive into how the very fabric of our cities is changing, and how construction companies will need to adapt to new needs.

George Thomas, founder and managing partner, New Urbana

12:10 – 12:40 pm
Employee Knowledge Capture

As your experts are nearing retirement age, how are you retaining their knowledge so that it doesn’t leave when they retire?  RevTwo has developed an AI-guided tool called Navigator that captures your experts’ know-how and makes it available to the entire organization.  RevTwo will be showing how Navigator can help your newer or lesser skilled engineers accomplish tasks or solve problems without having to rely on your experts.

David Bennett, VP sales, RevTwo