A successful custom homebuilder or remodeling company relies on two things in the market today: a strong workflow for production and accurate, timely communication with the client. Up until recently, these companies have had to rely on separate systems to conduct such tasks—often using in-house applications or custom spreadsheets to assist in the process.

However, a new company is hoping to bring the best of both worlds together for custom homebuilders and remodeling companies. JetStream Technologies, www.jetstreamapp.com, Auburn, Ala., is looking to make a name for itself in the market as an all-in-one system that is both customer-facing and project-focused. The company provides an online project-management system that also delivers clients a customizable client communication portal, rapid estimating and proposal generation, and a lead-tracking system, among others.

The company’s leadership has strong role in the construction industry, having worked for a provider of online construction management technology in the past. Now, according to Payton Staub, founder, JetStream Technologies, the residential market is looking for a cost efficient way to handle both the construction project, as well as interface directly with the client. As a result, the cloud is creating a cost effective model to help deliver the best of both worlds to residential builders and remodelers today.

In particular, Staub says the customer portal acts as a strong marketing tool for builders and remodelers today, with the ability to customize the look and feel of the portal for the company. Here, customers will be able to approve change orders, make selections, and check out daily logs, among other tasks. JetStream looks to take the onus off of the builder and remodeler.

The market today for residential construction software is heating up. Today companies like BuilderTREND, www.buildertrend.com, Omaha, Neb., and Co-Construct, www.co-construct.com, Crozet Va., among others, have carved out a nice niche in the market, providing a strong resource for managing customer communication and collaboration, among other tasks. With new companies like JetStream entering the market, touting an all-in-one solution that encompasses all touch points of the construction process it will be interesting to see how the market ultimately shakes out.

An even more interesting trend to watch is the influx of new construction technology providers entering the market, targeting the market for custom homebuilders and remodelers. As the market rebounds, will it be the companies that provide all-in-one solutions that take some of the market share, or will these companies continue to work with a best-of-breed approach? It’s a question for the ages that never seems to settle out in one way or another.