Green building is no easy feat. Construction teams must document all elements of a green building in order to gain certification on a project. But some organizations are looking to make the process a little bit easier for the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry.

The May/June issue of Constructech magazine, featured a story on how the industry can go green at each phase of a job—from design, to building, and finally to operations.

In particular, the USGBC,, Washington, D.C., has developed a LEED Automation program to improve the certification process by creating integrations with third-party technology platform.

Rather than going out and choosing one or two platforms and integrating just with those tools, the USGBC is instead creating an App Lab that showcases many full applications for the needs of the different members of the project—the architect, the contractor, and even the owner.

The App Lab is an online searchable catalog of third-party applications that integrate with LEED Online, making submission to the certification process a little bit easier. Here are some apps currently in the lab that can help with green building:

* Greengrade LEED Management Software: collaborative LEED management
* GreenWizard: select and document products
* LEED EBOM Document Management: existing buildings operation and maintenance
* LoraxPro Mobile: LEED management
* PlantLog: mobile data collection and reporting
* SCIwatch: ongoing commissioning for LEED
* SeriousEnergy Manager: building ownership and operation

The USGBC is also continually looking for new partners that are interested in integrating with LEED Online, which will ultimately offer the user more technology options for green building.