Asset-intensive construction companies need complete control over multiple facets of their operations. Those focused on work-order management, asset management, installation, field service, and maintenance have unique needs, both internally and associated with key partners and customers. Thus, a more fully integrated solution set is needed in order for these companies to operate most efficiently.

WennSoft,, New Berlin, Wis., has taken a step in this direction with the release of WennSoft Evolution. Announced today, this solution delivers a complete suite for construction organizations that includes asset management, maintenance agreements, field service, dispatching and scheduling, and customer-relationship management, among many other features.

As has come to be the staple with the WennSoft product suite, WennSoft Evolution was built leveraging Microsoft technologies and is engrained with the multiple product sets offered from Microsoft. For example, construction companies have the ability to operate the solution as either a standalone product or integrated with Microsoft Dynamics ERP products.

The WennSoft Evolution has been designed with a strong emphasis on customer relationships. The roles-based access to information and new dynamic workflow helps construction companies build and maintain long-term relationship with key partners and customers.

Collaborative functions through the use of mobile and portal solutions helps companies keep customers and technicians in the loop, while sales and service are aligned to help ensure customer expectations are met in a timely manner.

Mobility is another strong focus within the product. Users are provided access to all information using multiple devices. Some examples highlighted by WennSoft include the ability for technicians, tools, and equipment to be scheduled on work orders, thus reducing trips back to the office; marketing with the ability to track warranties; sales and service with the ability to ensure no opportunity is left unaddressed, and consistent service is provided; to name a few.

With the option to deploy WennSoft Evolution either in phases or all at once, construction companies can also choose to deploy the solution either on premise or in the cloud. The product supports Microsoft Outlook as a client, and is also accessible from a Web client. Keeping in line with the range of mobile options at the disposal of companies these days, technicians are able to use multiple devices across operating systems –iOS, Android, and Windows 7 — in order to access WennSoft’s FieldTech mobile solution.

As one of the most significant releases for WennSoft, Evolution looks to be a product that can help construction companies across multiple facets of their organization. Leveraging the latest technologies in development, as well as featuring such things as cloud services and mobility, WennSoft continues to keep a strong focus on delivering solutions flexible enough to keep up with the changing demands of this industry.