Today social media analytics drive key benefits for construction teams, building owners, and facility managers. There is great need for juggling projects and collection, production, organization, and analysis of social data. Increasingly, construction companies are realizing that data solutions are essential for management and processing of unstructured data.

Construction insiders like Habitat for Humanity of metro Denver,, Denver, Colo., are boosting social media efforts and listening even more closely to the voice of the consumer.

Habitat for Humanity of Denver has chosen the partner iWeSocial,, Denver, Colo., for monitoring and measurement of social media efforts. For Habitat for Humanity, the iWeSocial Insights team will analyze and track mentions of the Habitat brand from across the entire public Web using its iWeSocial IQ platform. In terms of using the data, the team will consistently provide “Social Insight” reports to highlight marketing effectiveness, brand reputation, and campaign or event opportunities to Habitat’s marketing team.

And Habitat Metro Denver’s marketing team will also leverage the iWeSocial IQ platform for realtime media monitoring and analytics.

The iWeSocial IQ dashboard is an insightful tool to help Habitat analyze what’s working best in current social media efforts, and the Social Insights reporting will help create more effective content across social media platforms, according to Robyn Burns, senior communications and marketing manager, Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver.

Evan Escobedo, practice principal, iWeSocial, adds partnering with Habitat for Humanity on a technology level will maximize the organization’s marketing efforts.

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