In construction, the ability to quickly share time-sensitive information is critical to the overall success of a building or project. For instance, when there is a change in the project scope, blueprint, location, or even in the weather, information needs to be delivered into the right hands quickly in order to avoid costly mistakes.

With the proliferation of mobile technology in use on jobsites, realtime information in the construction industry is more of a reality today than ever before. This week jobsite123,, Davie, Fla., announced a mobile application designed to help construction professionals communicate as effectively as possible.

The app is called CrewBlast, a text-messaging application that can simultaneously broadcast information across a jobsite. In the hands of construction and project managers, CrewBlast technology can put information into the hands of all crew members nearly instantly.

Whether it’s a safety alert, an operational update, or a scheduling issue, management now has a tool at their disposal that allows them to reach any or all employees and subcontractors easily and quickly.

According to Craig Noble, chief content officer,, miscommunication is the biggest avoidable factor leading to loss in the construction industry. “The ability to provide clear and swift communication can make or break a project,” he says. This is especially true when a crew is spread out in multiple locations.

CrewBlast uses technology and devices that are nearly ubiquitous—cellphones and SMS (short message service). The app sets up what the company calls “SMS short code” that crew members subscribe to via their mobile phones. Once opted in, the team will instantly receive job-critical information from project managers whenever it is sent.

When information needs to be delivered immediately, technology can provide the solution. Saving time and money depends on keeping an entire construction project team on the same page so jobs can be completed correctly and efficiently.