How can you go green on Earth Day? From automated systems in buildings, to managing documents associated with green certifications, to driving more fuel efficient connected vehicles, to analyzing data related to sustainability, to going paperless, commercial contractors and homebuilders have a number of options to “go green” these days. However, what about the mobile trend? Can apps help construction “go green?”

The advent of mobile apps is allowing project managers to get rid of traditional notebooks at the jobsite. Rather than jotting down information on paper, apps enable project managers to input the data on a mobile device and transfer to backoffice systems.

As an example, by moving to an app, the University of Texas at Austin,, Austin, Texas, was able to eliminate approximately 250 documents—at roughly 120 pages each—by moving a paper-based inspection process to an app.

File-sharing apps also enable construction companies to gather applicable data at the jobsite and send to the backoffice to be stored—reducing the amount of paper needed at a jobsite.

For construction companies, one option is Citrix ShareFile,, Raleigh, N.C. Late last year the company announced Citrix ShareFile with StorageZones. This provides project managers with a cloud-based data sharing solution for mobile devices, while also giving IT the ability to choose where data is stored, including on-premises within their own secure datacenters.

To provide more cloud storage options to customers, Citrix also announced plans to deliver Citrix-managed StorageZones on Microsoft Azure. This integration will allow ShareFile customers to leverage Microsoft Azure and designate data across Microsoft-managed datacenters.

While file-sharing apps are improving collaboration in construction, enabling organizations to distribute data easily, these apps are also allowing construction companies to significantly reduce the amount of paper needed at the jobsite.

While there are a number of option to “go green” on Earth Day from systems in buildings, to energy-efficient vehicles in the fleet, a file-sharing and data-entry app can additionally help reduce the amount of paper in the field and at the office.