By this point in time, project managers, owners, and developers likely have on-the-go access to almost all the project information on an ongoing and regular basis. But do you also have the ability to access jobsite feed of what is going on in the field directly from your mobile device?

With a new app, project managers, owners, developers, and architects have the ability to view the jobsite at anytime with a new camera viewing application, allowing users to access a camera feed through Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices.

This week, OxBlue,, Atlanta, Ga., released a new iPhone/iPad application, which is available for free through the Apple App Store, to view OxBlue construction cameras at the jobsite.

The new app gives construction professionals a number of new features and capabilities on mobile devices. For example, with this app, contractors and builders can access a dashboard of all active and completed jobsites. Users can also choose to pan and zoom to view high-resolution camera images.

Other features include calendar control to view any image at any time during the project. One of the benefits of this type of application is to be able to view the current site weather conditions. Also, users can share jobsite photos via email.

According to John Moebes, director of construction, Crate & Barrel,, Northbrook, Ill., these apps increase the ability to find updates when not at desktops or laptops. The tools are sharing hubs, allowing the company to show images to other people.

Apple’s iPad has been generating a lot of discussion in the construction industry. More construction professionals are using the device in the field to gather and track project information.

This month, Apple released the highly anticipated iPad 2 with new front-facing camera and a new thinner and lighter design. The device is also available on both AT&T and Verizon Wireless, which provides more connectivity options for construction.

The camera features could prove beneficial to construction companies that need to use cameras at the jobsite to video chat with others involved on the project.

However, the new design features could have mixed reviews with the construction industry. According to Apple, the iPad 2 is 33% thinner and 15% lighter than the original iPad, although it has the same screen size.

This could be good news for construction companies, as the device is easier to carry around in the field. However, it also brings up the question of durability of the device. Time will tell if the new device remains rugged enough for this industry.