Reducing project costs and time to project delivery are key benefits that can result from leveraging software in the construction industry. One company, Arabtec Construction,, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, experienced extraordinary results from its use of model and information-sharing technology.

For its Fairmont Hotel project in Abu Dhabi, Arabtec used i-models from Bentley Systems,, Exton, Pa., to both simplify and automate the sharing of project information. Using i-models, project teams can more securely and accurately share and access BIM (building information models) files that provide relevant information for each user and support the ability to add data without changing the original model.

Arabtec says it benefited from Bentley’s flexible platform and the solution’s ability to help employees manage project information across the entire project lifecycle. In fact, the company estimates the use of i-models on its Fairmont Hotel—Abu Dhabi project reduced delivery cost by 30% while also reducing the time needed for project delivery by approximately 1,000 man-days.

Software capable of improving project coordination while also improving the quality and reliability of data distribution among team members can add tremendous value to a project and, ultimately, to a construction company’s bottomline. By streamlining the handoff of 3D information models, making project delivery more efficient, and enhancing project documentation, an investment in construction technology is often an investment in the business itself.

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