To create a luxurious building for retail and residential tenants, it’s essential a reliable wireless connection is integrated into the design. Seamless connectivity is increasingly becoming more crucial to tenants, as one development took that into consideration.

One Ring Networks’,, Atlanta, Ga., flexible Internet solutions helps real-estate developer, OliverMcMillan,, San Diego, Calif., open Buckhead Atlanta on schedule with critical wireless access. OliverMcMillan worked with One Ring Networks during construction in order to complete the unique requirements the retail and residential tenants needed for the unveiling for the fall 2014 scheduled opening date.

In 2011, OliverMcMillan adopted the development of the 1.5 million-sq.ft. space, consisting of luxury retail, dining, and residential tenants. A key feature of Atlanta’s upscale Buckhead neighborhood, Buckhead Atlanta was in need of a complete fiber build-out for its completion, along with temporary access for construction workers to communicate and manage the project. Setups required for the grand-opening included illuminated parking gates, HD (high-definition) network access, audio equipment, and tenant connectivity for everyday operations like payment processing and phone calls.

“Not only powering the construction site, the service provided is also being used by tenants who would otherwise not be able to process credit cards, make phone calls–everything they need to operate–without connectivity,” says Adam Cleary, an IT consultant serving OliverMcMillan for the project.

With the challenge of finding a network carrier that could meet the mission-critical demands of the project in a short time period, OliverMcMillan reached out to One Ring Networks. According to One Ring Networks, it was selected out of six carriers.

“Having worked with dozens construction and development companies, we understand the urgency for network access and demands that require flexibility from us,” says Kris Maher, vice president, One Ring Networks.

One Ring Networks delivered OliverMcMillan with a 50mg circuit and microwave over Ethernet service required to support connectivity needs for development completion, as well as the 16 tenants now open for business in Buckhead Atlanta. In addition, One Ring Networks worked with OliverMcMillan to complete tasks based on priority–everything from servicing cameras to automated parking gates. From a project-management perspective, One Ring Networks maintained effective communication about deadlines and priorities throughout the duration of the project. According to One Ring Networks, OliverMcMillan is currently preparing to partner with the wireless Internet service provider for long-term, scalable fiber service at the Buckhead Atlanta site.

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