Autodesk Inc.,, San Rafael, Calif., has introduced AutoCAD 2016, the latest version of the company’s CAD (computer-aided design) application.

The 2016 release includes several new features designed to accelerate the 2D and 3D design, documentation, and collaboration process while enriching the on-screen experience. In addition, users can share their work with others using TrustedDWG technology to store and exchange design data.

Improvements to the drawing canvas in AutoCAD 2016 improve the visual accuracy seen on screen. Enhanced readability and detail means smooth curves and arcs replace jagged line segments. AutoCAD takes advantage of the latest graphics hardware to deliver a richer, yet faster, visual experience. Users can predict more results and minimize the need to “undo” a command with expanded Command Preview.

Other enhancements include: AutoCAD 2016 also outputs enhanced PDFs that are significantly smaller, while retaining visual fidelity. PDFs are now fully searchable, maintain all hyperlinks and can be attached to drawings faster.

Additionally, improved Smart Dimensioning automatically creates appropriate measurements based on the type of objects selected, making it easier to accurately calculate measurements based on the drawing context.

Together with new features for reality computing and BIM (building information modeling) coordination, the tools in AutoCAD 2016 help users increase efficiency and maximize productivity, clearing the way to faster, more precise design and documentation.

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