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Autodesk offers a lot more than just AutoCAD, Revit, and Navisworks, as it has built out its portfolio to help drive construction toward BIM, which includes cloud services and greater mobility.
Constructech editors

Most likely you have heard the name Autodesk. A quick look at the numbers shows how much of a footprint Autodesk truly has in the space: roughly $2.1 billion in revenue, more than 12 million users on professional products, roughly 7,390 employees worldwide, greater than 100 products in portfolio, availability in 17 different languages, more than 2,400 channel partners, 4,000 Autodesk Developer Network members, and 1,900 Autodesk Authorized Training Centers.

The large global technology company is commonly associated with products such as AutoCAD, Navisworks, and Revit—but that is not what has earned Autodesk a spot on the Constructech 50.

Rather, it is the company’s vision for the future of BIM (building information modeling) and how it continues to push the envelope in the construction industry.

While the company hasn’t made quite as many acquisitions as some, Autodesk’s acquisitions have strategically changed how construction uses technology today. Two of the biggest BIM acquisitions have been Vela Systems and Horizontal Glue, which have morphed into BIM 360 Field and BIM 360 Glue, respectively. Following the acquisitions, both products have continued to be a mainstay in many construction companies.

With that in mind, Autodesk has continued to focus efforts on cloud and mobility for construction. The company has also launched the Autodesk 2016 software portfolio of design, engineering, and construction solutions to help drive the industry’s business transformation toward BIM, which includes cloud-enhanced services needed for BIM projects.

Autodesk knows BIM is not just about the model, but rather an entire collaborative process that needs to reach from BIM specialists in the office to project managers and superintendents at the jobsite, and beyond to facility managers for the long-term management of the structure.

In addition, Autodesk is focused on improving construction planning and project delivery. It will unquestionably be interesting to watch, as Autodesk continues to build out new functionality.

Product Offerings:

  • BIM
  • CAD
  • Collaboration
  • Document Management
  • Mobile
  • Project Management


  • Large footprint of customers in the AEC industry
  • Recognizes BIM is not just about the model, but a collaborative process
  • Acquisitions and development for cloud and mobility in construction


  • Additional efforts to streamline data sharing with facilities management
  • Continue to build out cloud-enhanced services and mobile for construction
  • Help the industry understand how it is moving BIM forward

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