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While Avid Ratings is a newcomer to the Constructech 50 list this year, the core technology has been recognized in other Constructech product awards programs in the past. Now, the company has made a big push in North America, proving it has the panache to compete in the space.
Constructech editors

For the residential homebuilding industry, CRM (customer-relationship management) has been essential throughout the downturn, as a way to boost sales in a dry economy. Now, as the market begins its rebound, companies that have good technology in place will find they can grow faster than the competition.

This is where a company like Avid Ratings comes into play. The organization has been serving the residential market for roughly 22 years and offers technology that provides interactive CRM features for prospective buyers. One product—GoTour—integrates product information, photography, and animation with a customer review portal and high-definition, interactive video to provide a shopping experience that encourages buyers to purchase a new home. With more than 90% of homebuyers using the Internet first to research the homes they purchase, this type of technology is helping to revolutionize how builders market and sell homes.

In addition to its innovative technology targeting the residential construction market, one of the big factors bringing this company onto the list this year is its involvement and growth in the residential construction market. With a customer base of more than 2,700 homebuilding companies throughout the United States and Canada and a large portion of that coming in the past year, the company is now firmly entrenched in the North American market.

This growth also comes at a time when the company continues to upgrade its technology. Chiefly, the 2014 release of GoTour V2 includes an interactive floorplan feature that allows homebuying prospects to manipulate standard plan options by adding or removing rooms and architectural features.Prospects can also mock-up room layouts by populating plans with furniture, appliances, and accessories.With growth in the market and unique technology for residential builders, Avid Ratings has proven it has the chops to compete in the construction-technology space. Look for this company to continue to make big moves in the year ahead.


  • Significant growth in the past year in the residential market
  • New interactive floorplan feature
  • Niche technology solution focusing on CRM for residential builders


  • Build out application giving builders access to database of product information
  • New partnerships with other players in the residential tech market
  • Focus on apps and cloud for builders