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Bentley Systems
Exton, Pa.

BIM, Collaboration Collide
A good portion of any construction professional’s work day can be spent looking for specific information related to the project, and then ensuring that data is properly communicated and distributed. Technology looks to simplify that process. With ProjectWise from Bentley Systems, construction teams can share project information. ProjectWise is a system of collaboration servers and services for the design and construction of infrastructure projects and facilitates collaboration by supporting interaction among distributed teams. In the past year, the technology provider has spent a significant amount of time expanding its functionality by pushing the reach of the point cloud data to those who typically did not have the opportunity to have access to it in the past. The Constructech editors like that Bentley Systems understands that BIM (building information modeling) is more than just a model and clash detection, as it also requires collaboration and sharing of information throughout the project.

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