SpecWave Composer
New Product

Bentley Systems
Exton, Pa.

Smarter Specs
How are you managing specs? Many are authored and managed in a general-purpose environment such as Microsoft Word, but Bentley Systems looks to enhance this process with one of its latest products, SpecWave Composer. The technology was developed for spec workflows and includes the tools needed to create a spec and manage compliance. With SpecWave Composer, users can organize, view, and publish custom versions of a specification based on a wide variety of criteria including trade discipline, project phase, business group, and more. This makes it easier to follow and eliminate distractions by removing unnecessary information. The product is also integrated with ProjectWise, meaning change can be managed in a way that users can ensure they are always on the same page with access to the proper specs. The Constructech editors like that Bentley Systems continues to think outside the box with its new products, adding technology that complements its existing suite of software.