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With steady growth, new acquisitions and product development, and big client wins, Bentley Systems is poised to lead the construction industry into the next generation of technology.
Constructech editors

The past year has been a big one for Bentley Systems. In addition to celebrating 30 years in business, the company also unveiled the CONNECT Edition late last year. Greg Bentley says the CONNECT Edition’s ability to provide a common environment for comprehensive product delivery is the result of the company’s 30 years of cumulative BIM advances.

This also comes on the heels of four recent acquisitions: SITEOPS (for site optioneering); Amulet (for predictive and prescriptive analytics); Acute3D (for reality modeling); and EADOC (for managed cloud service for construction management). Certainly these acquisitions will help the technology company continue to develop modeling capabilities and data generation and sharing.

While Bentley Systems continues its R&D (research and development) both organically and through acquisitions, the company also has key partners in the construction space that allow it to deliver new functionality to customers as well. Case in point: its partnership with Microsoft. The long time Bentley Systems partner recently unveiled HoloLens, which eventually will allow Bentley Systems to bring its information modeling to augmented reality and wearable devices. Additionally, Bentley Systems has its eyes on drones. With the combination of drones and the recently acquired Acute3D, customers are able to easily capture data points and do reality modeling quickly.

But that’s not all. A quick look at the numbers shows Bentley Systems’ business is still going strong with 7% historical revenue growth and significant client wins.

However, for this technology company, it’s the user case studies that truly tell the compelling story. With dozens of Be Inspired winners annually showcasing how BIM—through a greater depth of information modeling and breadth of information mobility—can provide a big value add on the jobsite, it’s clear why Bentley is still one of the leading technology companies in construction.

The company’s software is solid and it has a clear vision for how technology can be used in the construction industry today.

Product Offerings:

  • Asset/Equipment Management
  • BIM
  • CAD
  • Collaboration
  • Document Management
  • Mobile
  • Project Management


  • Ongoing R&D investment both organically and through acquisitions
  • Acquisitions that will push modeling forward
  • Strong customer case studies that tell a compelling story


  • Ongoing partners and development for wearables, drones, and AR
  • Maintain training on CONNECT Edition throughout the year ahead
  • Continue to uphold its vision for the future of technology in construction

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