Bentley Systems,, Exton, PA., has launched a new software application, MineCycle, to help owners and operators in the mining industry manage design, construction, engineering, and procurement of projects.

MineCycle facilitates optioneering to help mining industry participants address challenges, including the need for a continuous rather than intermittent mine planning cycle.

The MineCycle products are based on Bentley software foundations, with MineCycle Designer extending Bentley’s OpenRoads capabilities, MineCycle Survey extending Bentley Map capabilities, and MineCycle Material Handling extending Bentley OpenPlant and OpenRoads capabilities. These products give participants direct input in the software’s definition and design.

MineCycle Designer and MineCycle Survey work together to accelerate mine planning and mine survey iterations. The time consumed by traditional processes, often taking months, prevented consideration of alternatives and could also result in strategies that were out of sync with changing mine and market conditions.

The MineCycle Designer product features open database architecture for flexibility to share design data across the enterprise and integrate with other operational systems.

MineCycle’s optioneering lets mine owner operators examine multiple operational alternatives, enabling higher quality decision making leading to enhanced mine performance. It also helps EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) firms and consultants accelerate the preliminary design of BMH (bulk material handling) facilities.

MineCycle Material Handling helps EPCs improve cost, footprint, and other key factors. It also provides project estimates and facilitates production of documentation that clearly communicates design intent, eliminates manual drafting, and produces ready to detail 3D model.

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