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Bentley Systems is more than just a software provider. This company continues to invest in the overall research and development of advancing technologies in the construction industry through product creation, acquisition, and strategic industry partnerships.
Constructech editors

When it comes to designing, modeling, and coordinating infrastructure construction projects, one name in construction typically comes to mind. Bentley Systems has made a niche for itself and has grown to be one of the largest construction-software providers in the market, with more than $600 million in annual revenues. But this alone does not make Bentley Systems a leader in the space. It is the company’s continued ingenuity and dedication to construction that enables Bentley Systems to be one of the top providers.

Consider this: Since 2006 the technology vendor has invested more than $1 billion in research, development, and acquisitions. The outcome of this R&D has been new products, an enhanced portfolio of technology, and greater information mobility and collaboration across projects.

Two big product announcements in the past 12 months have come in the form of SpecWave Composer and ProjectWise Construction Work Package Server. With SpecWave Composer—a product initially funded by Bentley when it launched in March 2012 and later acquired by Bentley in November 2012—users can create, control, and comply with specifications. ProjectWise Construction Work Package Server helps construction professionals and owner/operators of large industrial projects construct in a more consistent manner using a commercial, off-the-shelf solution for managing work packages throughout the lifecycle of a project.

Bentley Systems also continues to do ongoing education around the world in the form of Webinars and other training courses, and has developed partnerships with others in the space, as needed, to improve overall information mobility. However, it is the user case studies and client feedback that help Bentley stand out.

With the help of the technology provider, a handful of Bentley’s users are doing some innovative process improvements using a combination of software, RFID (radio-frequency identification), and other connected technologies. This is inevitably a direct result of the software provider offering the right technology.


  • Release of ProjectWise Construction Work Package Server
  • Great client feedback and use of technology
  • Continuing education and partnerships


  • Continue to invest in research and development for construction

  • Ongoing development of acquired products
  • Additional research with consultants, associations, and universities

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