Bentley Systems,, Exton, Pa., unveiled the CONNECT Edition, a next-generation software succeeding its V8i software to support a hybrid-computing environment for comprehensive project delivery.

The CONNECT Edition integrates Bentley’s platform technology to supporting a hybrid environment across desktop-modeling applications, cloud services, on-premise servers, and mobile apps. The CONNECT Edition uses Microsoft’s,, Redmond, Wash., Azure cloud services to connect all users across projects providing instant access to unlimited computational nodes.

For each user, CONNECT Edition delivers a personalized Bentley Playlist of applications and apps specific to each participant’s project role. For each project, the software provides a project-specific Bentley Playbook to recommend appropriate applications and apps to address the project’s requirements and to support the role of each participant.

CONNECT Edition brings together many aspects essential to comprehensive project delivery to ensure information integrity, combine multidiscipline project teams, and enhance project performance. These features include common project environment with ProjectWise, a common modeling environment for supporting design modeling, analytical modeling, and construction modeling, and a common deliverables environment that allows project participants to aggregate, publish, and share deliverables across multiple disciplines.

Additional features are a common data environment that uses ProjectWise Engineering Content Management Service, and a common performance environment which provides insightful analytics, reporting, and accounting to enhance the visibility of the progress and status of project delivery.

MicroStation CONNECT Edition is currently available for early-access participants, while ProjectWise CONNECT Edition services, along with Navigator CONNECT Editor app-lication, will be available for early access by the end of the year.

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