For construction companies, effectively managing and tracking bids can have a big impact on a company’s bottomline. However, the traditional bidding process can pose a number of inefficiencies for both the general contractors and the subcontractors. Construction-software providers are looking to respond to existing challenges with new solutions.

A big hurdle for the construction industry today is the myriad portals to send and receive bid invitations. These various systems can make it difficult to manage bid data in one central location. Unfortunately, for many construction companies, the email inbox, spreadsheets, or manila folders are still a common method to organize all this information.

Textura,, Deerfield, Ill., has created a different solution with its new BidOrganizer, which allows contractors to track and schedule all bid invitations including historical bid results, current bid due dates, and revenue forecasts. In the Bid Dashboard, contractors can group opportunities by jobsite and get workflow reporting.

This new product is in line with Textura’s objective to create an end-to-end collaboration platform. With BidOrganizer, the different parties—estimator, construction owner, etc.—can access the bid data, allowing for greater collaboration throughout the entire bidding process.

Textura is building on this vision of developing an end-to-end collaboration solution through both acquired (PlanSwift, Submittal Exchange, and organic growth. BidOrganizer is an example of how the technology company continues to grow its line of product organically.

For construction companies, being able to more effectively manage the bidding process results in saved time and money, while also allowing contractors to become more strategic in making decisions related to the bidding process.

As another recent example, iSqFt,, Cincinnati, Ohio, announced the upgrades in its Summer 2013 release last week. The company says this will help contractors better manage the bid process, manage contacts, and find more relevant project leads.

For example, general contractors can now display projects from iSqFt on a corporate Website, making it easier for subcontractors to find without an invitation. Additionally, the iSqFt Community is a place for feedback and to enter a support request. Executives say, while this is a big release, the company does ongoing updates about once every quarter.

For general contractors and subcontractors finding and organizing bid data is essential. Technology providers are looking to address some of the challenges inherent with manual processes in recent upgrades and new products.