In recent months, new technology integrations and product releases have advanced the bidding process for both general contractors and subcontractors. Now a new partnership will make it easier for general contractors to find qualified subs.

For GCs recent integrations in the realm of bidding technology could mean a number of different things including: improved bid-management and plan-file distribution processes; new ways to find the most qualified subcontractors; and answers to some of the most common prequalification questions. For subs new integrations make it easier to bid on new construction projects and could increase the likelihood of winning bids.

A recent partnership between JB Knowledge Technologies’ SmartBidNet,, College Station, Texas, and,, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., will connect hundreds of general contractors using SmartBidNet with more than 100,000 subcontractors on

SmartBidNet is a Web-based bid-management, plan-file distribution, and prequalification system for commercial general contractors, providing users with a public registry of subcontractors. has a database of contractor profiles, which includes prequalification information on insurance coverage, bonding capacity, project history, client performance ratings, and a referral network to other subcontractors.

Coty Fournier, CEO,, says, “When a subcontractor edits their profile in jobsite123, their changes will be automatically reflected in their SmartBidNet public registry profile.”

Additionally, SmartBidNet will sync with jobsite123’s contractor database daily in order to provide the most current information to SmartBidNet users.

For the construction industry, this integration will make it easier for subcontractors to bid on work as well as help GCs find and qualify the right subcontractors for every project.

This follows the recent news of the integration between SmartBidNet and Cloud Takeoff, which aims to improve the way GCs and subcontractors share data and collaborate during the bidding and takeoff process.

GCs and subcontractors should keep an eye on the advancements in bidding technologies. These integration partnerships are developing quickly and could be a great way to improve the overall bid-management process. It will be interesting to watch as more general contractors and subs use this technology to more effectively share data during the bidding and prequalification process.