To meet the demands of complex projects and condensed timelines, project teams need technology to simplify communication between project stakeholders and remove workflow redundancies. Today’s technology comprises features that make marking up and managing document sets easier, with greater functionality and automation, as well as more agile project information sharing.

For example, Bluebeam Software,, Pasadena, Calif., recently released Bluebeam Revu 2015. This software introduces new features that enable project teams to keep complex document sets organized and up-to-date, ensuring all team members are on the same page.

Revu 2015 introduces one of Bluebeam’s markup features: Sketch Tools. This feature allows users to quickly create new shapes to exact measurements based on a PDF’s calibrated scale. Additionally, the tools give users realtime length and angle feedback as they sketch details with their mouse or enter dimensions using their keyboard.

And there’s more: Also new to Revu 2015 is the Dynamic Tool Set Scaler, which enables markups to automatically resize precisely and proportionately when used on documents of different scales. Grouped markups in a drawing can also resize proportionately, regardless of scale setting.

With Revu’s Camera tool, Capture 2.0 enables embedding of videos into markups. Users can scroll through images and play back videos directly from each markup’s Capture viewer. And markups containing Capture media can now be tracked and viewed in Revu’s Markups list and exported as a PDF summary.

While this is one example, there are a number of construction software providers that are unveiling new technology designed to improve communication between project stakeholders.

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