With labor costs on construction sites comprising almost 40% of total project costs, it is essential for general contractors and project managers to correlate productivity with actual hours of worker time.

General contractors looking to more efficiently and effectively manage field personnel on a construction site are now better meeting those objectives with technology that delivers greater insight into jobsite operations and enables construction contractors to operate more effectively and intelligently drive productivity, safety, and security.

As an example, Trimble, www.trimble.com, Sunnyvale, Calif., recently made available the CrewSight system, an automated jobsite management solution. As the central hub of a complete labor management solution, CrewSight automatically captures data from ThingMagic sensors, without the need for human intervention. And Trimble CrewSight gives contractors rapid access control of their site, ensuring that only workers who are verified can enter.

Contractors can be confident that the right number of workers is on site for each project phase, to keep schedules on time and budgets in line. Additionally, the system provides a safety element, if personnel need to be located in the case of an emergency. Site supervisors can receive alerts on their phones or tablets in realtime, and this can be critical if there is a dangerous situation on site.

To locate and manage personnel, the system consists of three main components: Trimble CrewSight, the application that enables contractors to collect, view, analyze, and store the workers’ data; a choice of hardware sensor devices that collect information for worker entry and exit on the jobsite; and an enrollment station and RFID (radio-frequency identification)-enabled badges that allow companies to verify and enroll each worker in the system prior to entry, eliminating the need for on-hand personnel to check-in workers manually.

To view, analyze, and report, the CrewSight system collects and houses worker information in a database that can be used to verify workers’ authorization and record hours worked. This data can also be sorted and analyzed for a variety of uses by the contractor. Additionally, depending on what type of hardware sensor devices are chosen for each site, contractors have an option of using guard-assisted worker check-in, worker self check-in using a manual check-in/check-out device called “VIS Box” or hard access using a turnstile or vehicle gates. This access control prevents unauthorized workers from being on the site or in areas of the site without the proper credentials. In addition, CrewSight allows contractors to monitor every zone of the site and supports monitoring multiple sites from the same user interface.

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