Technology solutions are helping to drive the construction industry forward, and this is true on a global scale. Adoption of BIM (building information modeling) solutions, for instance, in the Chinese AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry is advancing.

According to Autodesk,, San Rafael, Calif., a provider of 3D design and engineering software, BIM enables the intelligent creation and management of building and infrastructure projects on a faster, more economical scale, often with less environmental impact.

Therefore, to help accelerate the research and application of BIM in China, the company entered into a partnership with AEC software provider, CABR Technology (China Academy of Building Research Technology Co.),, Beijing, China.

CABR Technology’s PKPM software solution for the AEC industry is widely used in China’s structural-engineering industry, according to the companies. By partnering with Autodesk, CABR Technology’s goal is to enable data exchange and interoperability between its software solution and the Autodesk Revit product suite.

Interoperability is important in any country. The ability to drive workflow forward and to promote collaboration among project team members—including drafters, designers, and engineers—is critical to optimized business processes.

As BIM solutions continue to permeate the worldwide AEC industry, CABR Technology sees the technology solution as an important next step for China. Partnerships, like the latest with Autodesk, are a key step in preparing the country’s construction professionals for the global demand for BIM.

Promoting adoption of technology solutions on a broad geographic scale will help drive the AEC industry forward. Autodesk and CABR Technology believe their cooperation will support BIM adoption in China, maybe even encouraging other companies to look beyond their borders and do the same.