The solution to a successful construction project? It has many facets, including real-time knowledge of tools and equipment as well as employee protection from accidents.

Widely used for tracking tools, equipment, and materials, today’s RFID (radio-frequency identification) and GPS (global positioning system) tracking tools trace the location of vehicles coming in and out of the jobsite. But there’s an added bonus in the newest BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) or Bluetooth 4.0 technology, which has emerged to improve the ability of construction businesses track a wider variety of assets. This solution enhances logging and monitoring activities on site and improves health and safety.

While GPS doesn’t work indoors or underground and RFID offers limited range communication, BLE is easily deployable in more locations. And it features more flexibility, when it comes to converging technology.

With the capability to track and monitor workers and assets more accurately, BLE’s added functionality is integration into legacy back end systems to send audio and content to connected mobile devices (approx. 80% of all recent mobile devices). Adopted by iOS, Android and Windows operating systems, BLE’s low power and cost, as well as its robust and reliable communication means BLE is quickly becoming the technology of choice.

As an example, Iknaia,, London, UK, has built a completely robust end to end solution combing BLE and Wi-Fi. Iknaia’s beacons present their location to their detectors in real-time and detectors connect to mobile devices and send content specific to that device based on its proximity.

Julia McNally, Iknaia founder stated that Iknaia’s solution offers a future-proof IT environment and BLE enables features, such as payment systems, check-in applications, CCTV cameras and much more.

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