When it comes to supporting a construction company’s bottomline, proper process management is integral. Tools that streamline and reduce costs in the upfront bidding process, for instance, can lay the groundwork for a successfully managed project. In today’s marketplace, technology plays a key role in helping construction professionals make the most of their business opportunities.

The bid process, from distributing packages to tracking responses, can be complicated and difficult to manage. However, cloud-based software tools that automate tasks, organize data, and eliminate cumbersome paper trails can introduce new levels of efficiency and transparency.

One company, Procore Technologies, www.procore.com, Santa Barbara, Calif., is now offering its bid-management tool as a standalone product. Procore Bidding helps make the bid process more cost effective, streamlined, and transparent for all users—including contractors, subcontractors, and vendors.

The cloud-based technology allows contractors to create bid packages of any file type, distribute them via email, and track responses. Since bid documents are emailed, the solution helps reduce resources, time, and monetary investment. The solution also keeps electronic records of all bidding activity, which can enhance decisionmaking when selecting vendors down the road.

Specific features include the ability to create vendor lists based on the location and filtering vendors based on past bids. Vendors can declare intent to bid by email or through Procore’s Website. Procore Bidding can also reduce overhead, freeing staff to spend their time in other ways. Thanks to added transparency, each person involved will be in the loop, potentially reducing the number of changes to the bid after vendor selection.

The Procore Bidding solution will also be available as part of Procore’s project-management toolset for the construction industry. The toolset combines several applications to help manage scheduling, contracts and changes, submittals, and other documents.

When it comes to navigating a construction project and ensuring repeat business, technology that automates, streamlines, and organizes important documents and data can be key to success. By maximizing productivity—from the bid through the lifecycle of a project—construction-management software offers the organization and transparency today’s construction professionals need.