An LED (light-emitting diode) streetlight installation is proving to be a bright way to save energy and money.

R20 Regions for Climate Action,, Geneva, Switzerland, Lighting Science Group,, Melbourne, Fla., and Pegasus Capital Advisors,, Cos Cob, Conn., say the groups have installed an initial set of 52 LED streetlights in Brazil. The group and other local partners want to implement large-scale street-lighting projects across Brazil by minimizing the upfront cost of installing new LED streetlights, and saving more than 50% of previous energy usage.

“Efficient energy usage is a key tool that we will need to employ in the fight against climate change–by helping developing economies become more energy efficient while saving them money we can drastically reduce the environmental impact associated with economic development,” says Terry Tamminen, chief strategic adviser, R20.

Now a permanent element of the street-lighting system in Nova Friburgo, Brazil, the “mini” is a futuristic addition to the collection of traditional streetlights currently dispersed around the city.

Lighting Science’s LED technology and minimalist design is apparent in this display. The LED technology lasts more than 10 times longer than traditional lighting. As a result, the mini substantially reduces the maintenance costs associated with street lighting and avoids the waste associated with constantly replacing most of the components of traditional fixtures. Moreover, the mini uses 75% less material, while being 50% more energy efficient than traditional lighting solutions, resulting in saving customers money and drastically reducing the carbon footprint of the lighted environment.

“The transformation of light to a digital technology enables us to completely change the way we think about designing lighting fixtures,” says Fred Maxik, CTO, Lighting Science Group.

With budget pressures facing municipalities across the world, R20 and its financial advisor, Pegasus, understand that a financing solution is required in order to premiere these installations on a large scale. By building relationships with local financing partners and leveraging Pegasus’ experience in structuring complex transactions, the group is establishing a financial structure to make LED adoption as seamless as possible.

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