Some construction companies are just good at being green. Environmentally sustainable practices receive all the attention these days, and many builders and contractors are looking for best practices across the board. One builder in particular is willing to share.

Design/build general contractor MyGreenBuildings,, Sarasota, Fla., has announced a brand and process-licensing program for builders in markets across the country. Founded in 2006, the company has quickly grown a reputation of becoming regional experts in the area of high-performance sustainable green construction.

Grant Castilow, chief operating officer, MyGreenBuildings, cites the numbers: Completing more than 40 projects in the Sarasota area, generating greater than $14 million in sales, with projects still on tap for 2011 valued at more than $5 million.

He says, “Our model works and we are now interviewing environmentally-committed builders in other regions that see the benefit of using our brand and processes to take their businesses to the next level and be part of the growth of a recognized national brand for the small builder market. We have spent over $1 million building the MyGreenBuildings brand and systems and we provide what even most of the best builders do not currently have–the marketing and project management systems that really work.”

According to Castilow, the offered model will allow for builders to become proactive rather than reactive in the market for sustainability. Licensees will be able to effectively manage their business, market aggressively, plan for growth, and manage the process.

By licensing the MyGreenBuildings brand, processes, marketing, and training tools, the company expand their own reach nationwide by sharing repeat clients in other cities around the country. The company considers this to be a win-win for all involved.